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Using the Calculator on the GED Math Test

This section of the GED Mathematics web-based training module has provided you with basic information about the Casio fx-260 Solar Scientific calculator. Students will be allowed to use this calculator on Part I of the GED Mathematics Test. A calculator will be provided for each examinee. Students cannot use their own calculators or those that they have used in your classroom.

The teaching of basic calculator use is important, not only for the GED Mathematics Test, but also for use in real-life situations. However, it is important to remember that a calculator is merely a tool. Students will need to be proficient in the different math content areas. Calculators do not teach skills; they merely aid in the speed and accuracy of computations.

You may wish to review with your students the basic calculator directions (pdf) that will be provided at the testing site.

You may wish to print copies of this page for your students. The calculator directions are reprinted with permission of the GED Testing Service (c) 2001.

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