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Working with Standard Grids

Strategies for Success

If students have a process they can follow when working with standard grids, they will be much more likely to correctly complete the grids. The following is a six-step process for working with standard grids. You may find this helpful when working with your students.

Six Steps to Successfully Working with Grids

  1. Solve the problem and write the answer on the scratch paper provided.
  2. Check to see if the answer will fit in the standard grid.
  3. If the answer will not fit, check computations first. If computation is correct, check to see if the answer should be rounded.
  4. Print the answer in the top row of the standard grid.
  5. Fill in the corresponding bubble in each row under the answer.
  6. Check to be sure that the answer in the top row and the filled-in bubbles are correctly aligned.