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Working with Coordinate Plane Grids

The GED Mathematics Test also includes another type of grid—the coordinate plane grid. There will be two coordinate plane grids, one on each part of the GED Mathematics Test. To be able to solve problems using coordinate plane grids, students must understand the basic components of the grid, as well as have an understanding of positive and negative integers.

Coordinate Plane Grids

The coordinate plane grid consists of thirteen rows and thirteen columns. The center row is the x-axis. It runs horizontally through the grid. The center column is the y-axis. It runs vertically through the grid. The y-axis and x-axis intersect at the origin (shown here by the middle circle).

Grid Basic

The numbers to the right of 0 on the x-axis are positive. The numbers to the left of 0 on the x-axis are negative.

The numbers above 0 on the y-axis are positive. The numbers below 0 on the y-axis are negative.