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Conceptual Questions

Conceptual questions require that students understand mathematical concepts and can apply those concepts to various situations. In many instances, students must be able to identify how to solve the problem, but will not be required to compute the final answer.

Sam wants to fence in a rectangular play area for his son. Which of the following equations could Sam use to determine the amount of fencing needed for the play area?

  1. A = length x width
  2. A = ½ x base x height
  3. P = 2 x length + 2 x width
  4. C = Π x diameter
  5. P = 4 x side

Answer: (3) P= 2 x length + 2 x width A student needs to understand that this question could be solved using the formula for finding the perimeter of a rectangle.

Conceptual questions require students to:

  • Recognize basic mathematical concepts.
  • Identify and apply concepts and principles of mathematics.
  • Compare, contrast, and integrate concepts and principles.
  • Interpret and apply signs, symbols, and mathematical terms.
  • Understand relationships among numbers, concepts, and principles.