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Application/Modeling/Problem-Solving Questions

Application/modeling/problem-solving questions require students to understand mathematical concepts and principles and be able to apply them to new situations.

Elizabeth selects 3 books for her niece. Each book costs $3.69. Elizabeth must also pay 4% sales tax on her purchases. How much change will she receive if she gives the store clerk $15.01?

  1. $0.25
  2. $3.50
  3. $3.69
  4. $11.07
  5. Not enough information is given.

Answer: (2) $3.50 This problem requires the student to solve a multi-step problem by finding 4% of the total purchases and adding the sales tax to the cost of the books. The student should then subtract the total amount from $15.01.

Application/modeling/problem-solving questions require students to:

  • Identify the type of problem that is represented.
  • Decide whether or not there is sufficient information provided to solve the problem or whether extraneous information should be deleted.
  • Adapt strategies or procedures to solve the problem and compute the answer.
  • Determine whether the answer is reasonable and correctly solves the problem.