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Problem Solving and the GED Mathematics Test

  • Did you go to the store and buy groceries? If so, you may have completed some basic percent problems in your head as you were calculating savings on sale items.
  • Did you put gasoline in your car? If so, you probably did a quick mental math exercise to determine the cost to fill your tank.
  • Did you balance your checkbook? Math certainly came in handy as you added to and subtracted dollars from your account.
  • Did you check the stock market to see what was happening on Wall Street? You probably reviewed a chart or graph so you could analyze the data and determine whether the market was up or down

There are many situations where you need to understand and apply basic principles of math. The same is true for your GED students. Like you, they are surrounded by mathematics. There is only one problem. They often lack many of the skills that you take for granted. For them, math can be a struggle.

For many students, the goal is to learn enough math to pass the GED Mathematics Test. Your goal is to help your students learn the skills they need to pass the GED Mathematics Test, as well as learn how to apply those skills to everyday life.