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Putting the Strategies to Work

Teaching Estimation Skills through Computing or Simplifying

Many personal and work tasks do not require precise, computed answers but rather quick approximations of cost, distances, and time. Think about situations when you use estimation. When shopping, you may approximate the total cost of your purchases to determine whether you will pay cash or by credit card. Computing a 15% tip at a restaurant does not have to be precise, yet for some people it is an overwhelming task.

Estimation plays two important roles on the GED Math Test:

  • Estimation allows a student to check whether an answer makes sense.
  • Some problems may ask students to estimate rather than to find a precise answer.

Dion drove 589 miles to see his parents. If Dion’s car averaged 19 miles per gallon, estimate how many gallons of gas Dion used on his trip.

(1) 20
(2) 25
(3) 30
(4) 35
(5) Not enough information is given

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