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Putting the Strategies to Work

Getting Started with Solving Equations

How do you begin teaching students algebra? One simple method is to provide them with basic equations such as those shown below. Once students recognize the similarities between algebraic equations and number problems, they will be ready to learn about higher order equations.

Practice using algebra by solving for the unknown variable in each of the equations below.

Let’s begin! Solve each problem, and type the correct answer in the box. When you are finished with the entire set, click on Check My Answers to see how you did.

Question Your Answer Correct Answer
y+ 1 = 892, so y=
y- 0 = 127, so y=
y- 38 = 197, so y=
79 + y= 104, so y=
38 x 3 = y, so y=
2x+ 0 = 10, so x=
x/50 = 2, so x=
5 x b= 20, so b=

How did you do? Did you solve the algebraic equations like you would have solved basic math problems? Solving for the unknown in basic equations is a good way to introduce your GED students to algebraic thinking before they move on to higher order algebraic skills.