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Where Do I Start?

Now that you know the basics of problem solving, how can you help your students identify and implement the different kinds of strategies?

  1. Teach the four-step problem-solving method.
  2. Model the method for your students.
  3. Teach students to solve problems on their own.
  4. Teach different strategies to solve problems.
  5. Assist students in identifying and implementing different types of strategies.
  6. Teach thinking skills.
  7. Extend all math lessons into real-life scenarios.
  8. Ask questions in math class rather than merely giving answers.
  9. Continue to increase your own problem-solving skills.

There are many excellent materials and web sites available to help you teach problem solving in each of the math content areas.

To get started, you may wish to spend a few minutes accessing the following web sites. Once you begin, you are on your way to surfing the mathematical web! Have fun!

Interested in additional web sites? You may wish to visit S.O.S. Mathematics, which lists math sites on the World Wide Web.