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Problem Solving: The Major Math Skill

By now you are aware that your GED math curriculum must teach problem-solving techniques in the areas of:

  1. Number Operations and Number Sense
  2. Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability
  3. Algebra, Patterns, and Functions
  4. Measurement and Geometry

Remember, to be successful, your students must be effective learners. They must be able to:

  • Identify problems and assess the information.
  • Select an appropriate problem-solving strategy.
  • Effectively solve the problem.
  • Assess whether the answer is reasonable and answers the question.

The teaching of problem solving takes time. However, by teaching your students the four basic steps and by using different types of strategies, you can assist your students in becoming successful problem solvers in life and on the GED Mathematics Test.

Besides problem solving in each of the four math content areas, there are two other major areas of concern to GED teachers and students - Calculators and Grid Formats.

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