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What Do Your Students Need To Know?

The GED Social Studies Test emphasizes:

  • content in history, civics, and government
  • visual processing skills.
  • higher-order thinking skills

You are familiar with the content areas of the Social Studies Test, but what are higher-order thinking skills? Remember Bloom’s Taxonomy of Cognitive Learning? Bloom identified different levels of thinking skills. The first level is knowledge, followed by comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Need a refresher? Click on the following link for information on Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Overview of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Or, if you prefer to find resources on your own, take a few minutes to do a quick Internet keyword search for Bloom’s Taxonomy.

The critical thinking training module, with sections on thinking skills and graphic literacy, will help you develop skills and strategies to help students prepare for the Social Studies Test.