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Language Arts Writing Test Part II: Just the Facts

The Language Arts Writing Test Part II requires students to generate an essay using many of the same skills as in Part I. If students have a good understanding of the conventions of edited English, they should be able to transfer those conventions from a multiple-choice format to their own writing.

  • Students write an original, expository essay on a specified topic.
  • Students have 45 minutes to write on the assigned topic.
  • No specific length is required for the essay. However, the essay must fit on the two lined pages provided in the GED answer booklet.
  • The essay is scored for its overall effectiveness, based on well-focused main points, clear organization, development and detail, control of Edited American English, and appropriate word choice.
  • The essay is scored holistically, based on a 4-point rubric:
    1. Effective
    1. Adequate
    1. Marginal
    1. Inadequate
  • Candidates receive a combined score for Parts I and II. However, a candidate must pass the essay with a score of 2 or higher in order to pass the Language Arts Writing Test.
    If a candidate does not receive a 2 or higher on the essay, no score is reported for the Writing Test. The candidate must repeat both Parts I and II.
  • The essay represents about 40 percent of the total Language Arts Writing Test score.