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More Than Just Multiple-Choice: Testing Everyday Writing Skills

The process of writing and editing is more than just memorizing rules—it’s an integral part of daily life. Students can apply the same writing and editing skills on the GED Writing Test and in their daily lives.

Think for a moment about the many ways in which you have experienced written language today.

  • Did you read the newspaper? If so, you probably subconsciously noticed the different styles of writing used. Front-page stories, letters to the editor, advice columns, want ads—all these are samples of written language.
  • Did you write a "to-do" list or make a shopping list? You probably used some quick brainstorming techniques and began to organize your day based on your lists.
  • Did you use the process of writing at your job? Most jobs require the use of appropriate written language.
  • Did you check someone else’s writing? Sometimes people forget how much editing they do in their daily lives, from checking a child’s homework to reading a fellow employee’s letter or report.

As you continue through this web-based training, keep in mind the many reasons why adults write. The multiple-choice portion of the Language Arts Writing Test assesses writing and editing skills that adults need in order to be competent writers every day. You can help your students see that by preparing for the test, they are building skills to apply throughout their lives.