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Organization Skills

Organization skills are important in day-to-day writing. From filing memos to outlining a report to setting up a schedule, organization is a key element in much of what we do in the workplace, in our communities, and at home.

In order to communicate effectively with a reader, writers need to create well-organized essays and other multi-paragraph texts.

Organization items comprise approximately 15 percent of Part I of the Writing Test. These items assess the following skills:

  • Choosing the correct topic sentence for a paragraph.
  • Combining or dividing text appropriately within a document.
  • Improving unity in a passage by having all sentences and ideas support the main idea.
  • Improving coherence within a paragraph or document by presenting ideas in a logical order.

GED students must be able to answer multiple-choice questions that edit the organization of a paragraph or of an entire piece of writing.

Let’s look at the basic categories of organization.