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What’s the Point?

Read the following paragraph. In the text box below, type in a sample topic sentence for the paragraph. When you are done, click on Check My Answer. While the wording may be different, see if your topic sentence reflects the same point as the sample given in the pop-up window.

Paragraph B

First, read the question and understand what kind of information you will need to gather when you read. Will you be looking for facts, or will you be using the passage to come up with your own answer? Next, read the passage. Look for the answer as you read. When you find it, take notice of it, but continue to read to the end. That way you can be sure that your answer is the best, most complete answer possible. If you are reading the passage in order to provide a written response, read more carefully. Be sure that you understand everything. After you have selected or written an answer, look back at the passage to double-check that you have correctly answered the question.