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The Essay Scoring Guide

The GED Testing Service developed a four-point scoring guide for the GED Essay. This scoring guide was developed to describe the essays of graduating high school seniors. It does not prescribe that essays must consist of five paragraphs, use transition words, etc. Instead, the GED Language Arts Writing Specifications Committee reviewed hundreds of writing samples from graduating high school seniors and identified the key components found within those writing samples.

The four-point scoring guide for the GED Essay is easy to understand and use. In fact, you may wish to use the scoring guide with all of your students, even those who are currently working below the GED level. The guide can easily be adapted to scoring paragraphs-allowing you the opportunity to use one consistent method for identifying standards of writing for both Adult Basic Education and GED-level students.

Let’s take a few minutes and review the GED Essay Scoring Guide. You may wish to print a copy of the guide and use it as you proceed through this section of the web-based training.

Click here to see a copy of the GED Essay Scoring Guide.