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Moving Up the Scoring Scale

Your job as the GED teacher is to help the student’s score move up the scoring guide. It is your task to help the inadequate writer become adequate. Likewise, you are the person who will help the adequate writer become an effective writer. You have many resources at your fingertips for helping your students learn to write.

Take a few minutes and check out the following web sites. These sites may be used with students to help them improve their writing skills. You should be able to find other useful web sites on your own as well.

Authentic Writing Process in Learning Circles
Paradigm Online Writing Assistant

The most effective method for helping students improve their writing skills is to provide them with plenty of practice. Many GED students are not good writers because they don’t regularly practice their writing skills. But remember, focused, supportive feedback from you is crucial if your students are to get the most out of their writing practice.

For a list of tips on essay writing for students, check out Improving Your Essay Score (pdf). You may copy this page for your students.