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Health three 60 logoExplore important health issues in Kentucky from a fresh perspective by watching KET's Health Three60 series. The hour-long programs, hosted by Renee Shaw, present three sides of an issue in 60 minutes through a mix of studio and documentary segments.

Our Programs: No Health Without Mental Health | The Heart Facts | The New Face of Diabetes | Erasing the Stigma of Mental Illness | Probing Prescription Drug Abuse

No Health Without Mental Health

How do stress, anxiety, and depression impact physical health? On the other hand, how much does poor physical health contribute to poor mental health? Today's health care system often doesn't fully integrate care for both mental and physical health, but that is beginning to change. "No Health Without Mental Health" explores the latest efforts to take care of both the mind and body. • Premiered on Monday, Oct. 8 at 9/8 pm on KET

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Our Three Segments

  1. It's All Connected
    Experts make the case for the mind-body connection and explore the impact of chronic stress. Statistics show that 70 percent of visits to a primary care doctor are psychosocial in nature. Panelists will help viewers understand the implications of that surprising statistic.
  2. Finding Balance
    Imagine if you struggled with a chronic illness like rheumatoid arthritis or thyroid disease as well as a mood problem like depression. How would you find the help you need? Patients often have to bridge the gap themselves when it comes to integrating care for both mental and physical health problems. Our panelists discuss the stories of patients struggling with that issue and options for preserving optimal physical and mental health.
  3. Breaking Down the Walls
    Those who suffer with particularly severe mental or physical illness often face greater difficulties finding integrated care. We visit Pennyroyal Mental Health Center in Hopkinsville to examine strategies and visionary plans that make a difference for the most vulnerable.

Our Program Guests

  • Suzanne Segerstrom, Ph.D., professor of psychology, University of Kentucky, and the author of Breaking Murphy’s Law: How Optimists Get What They Want—And Pessimists, Too. You can participate in her research through her website,
  • Dr. Julia Richerson, pediatrician, Family Health Centers of Louisville.
  • L. Kevin Chapman, Ph.D., director, Center for Mental Health Disparities, and associate professor of psychology at the University of Louisville. You can read Chapman's blog, The Color of Anxiety, at the Psychology Today website.
  • Anthony Zipple, president and CEO, Seven Counties Services, Louisville. Seven Counties delivers community-based treatment, support, and services for persons with severe mental illnesses, children with severe emotional and behavioral disorders, and individuals with developmental or intellectual disabilities.
  • David Bolt, director of network management, WellCare of Kentucky. WellCare of Kentucky provides managed care services to health care programs supported by the government. Its primary focus is on Medicaid and Medicare.


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