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Health three 60 logoExplore important health issues in Kentucky from a fresh perspective by watching KET's Health Three60 series. The hour-long programs, hosted by Renee Shaw, present three sides of an issue in 60 minutes through a mix of studio and documentary segments.

Health Three60 Program Archive: Sleepless in Kentucky | Champions for Children's Health | Healthy Competition: How County Health Rankings Are Catalyzing Change | When Children Are Cruel | Citizens Taking Charge | No Health Without Mental Health | The Heart Facts | The New Face of Diabetes | Erasing the Stigma of Mental Illness | Probing Prescription Drug Abuse

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Citizens Taking Charge

On the next Health Three60, host Renee Shaw and guests share the stories of everyday citizens who are actively working to improve the health outcomes and lives of Kentuckians on a community and state-wide level. The program premieres • Monday, Nov. 12 at 9/8 p.m. on KET.

In program’s first segment, “A Fresh Solution,” some residents of Louisville's Shawnee neighborhood take on the issue of access to fresh produce. Residents must travel miles to a quality grocery store or shop at a convenience store where fresh produce is scarce. Wanting to re-shape the way food was distributed in their community, members of the Lutheran Redeemer Church created a Fresh Stop through a partnership with the non-profit New Roots. At a Fresh Stop, residents can sign up to receive fresh local produce, the cost of which is based on income level.

The program’s next segment, “Women Speak Out,” takes place in Eastern Kentucky. The Eastern Kentucky Reproductive Health Project is an effort led by young women from Southeastern Kentucky who are producing and distributing media that explores the sexual and reproductive health concerns of women in the region and stresses the importance of factual information.

The final segment, “A Mother’s Quest,” features the story of Charlotte Wethington and her son, who died of a heroin overdose in August 2002. Wethington shares how she was forced to sit helplessly as her son spiraled downward. Vowing to create a means for others to intervene on behalf of a loved one endangered by substance abuse, Wethington sought help from state legislators. Her efforts resulted in The Matthew Casey Wethington Act for Substance Abuse Intervention, which became a Kentucky law in July 2004.

Health Three60 is a KET production, produced by Laura Krueger. The program is funded in part by a grant from the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky.

Our Program Guests

  • Karyn Moskowitz, executive director, New Roots
  • Nathaniel Spencer, leader, Shawnee Fresh Stop
  • Ivy Brashear, correspondent, East Kentucky Reproductive Health Project and writer for the Rural Blog, an initiative of the University of Kentucky’s Institute for Rural Journalism and Community Issues
  • Kelli B. Haywood, outreach coordinator, East Kentucky Reproductive Health Project, and birth educator
  • Charlotte Wethington, recovery advocate and initiator of Matthew Casey Wethington Act for Substance Abuse Intervention
  • Holly Daugherty, attorney and Casey’s Law advocate
  • Sheila A Schuster, PhD, licensed psychologist and mental health & healthcare advocate
  • Adam Banks, PhD, associate professor of Writing, Rhetoric and Digital Media at the University of Kentucky
  • Jennifer Jewell, PhD, professor of Social Work, Spalding University


  • The Casey's Law website provides information on how to intervene with someone who is unable to recognize the need for treatment due to his or her substance abuse impairment. Casey’s Law refers to the Matthew Casey Wethington Act for Substance Abuse Intervention. The law became effective in Kentucky in 2004 and was inspired by Casey Wethington’s death of a heroin overdose at age 23. The law allows the parents, relatives, or friends of an addicted person to lawfully intervene and request involuntary, court-ordered addiction treatment for their addicted loved one.
  • Stepworks Kentucky is located in Elizabethtown, Ky., and offers several treatment options and levels of intervention for drug and alcohol abuse. The website,, has information about the various forms of treatment through their factilities along with a toll-free addiction hotline (1-888-982-1244) so callers can speak live with a Stepworks team member.
  • New Roots New Roots is a non-profit organization in Louisville working to improve the distribution and utilization of fresh foods. Learn more about The Fresh Stop Project
  • The East Kentucky Reproductive Health Project strives to provide current information on all reproductive health options and listings of resources for the southeast Kentucky region "so that women can have easier access to the complete information they need to make and carry out their own decisions about their reproductive health."

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Health Three60 is a KET production, funded in part
by the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky.