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Health three 60 logoExplore important health issues in Kentucky from a fresh perspective by watching KET's Health Three60 series. The hour-long programs, hosted by Renee Shaw, present three sides of an issue in 60 minutes through a mix of studio and documentary segments.

Sleepless in Kentucky

If sleep is food for the brain, then American brains are starving. A third of the adult population reports getting less than six hours of sleep a night. What does sleep mean for our overall health? Renee Shaw and guests examine the health risks of insufficient sleep and steps people can take to ensure better sleep quality. A panel of experts on Health Three60 separate fact from fiction and offer advice on proper sleep hygiene.
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Our Program Segments

  1. The Price of Sleep Debt: Our culture of "sleep machismo" views sleep as a luxury, not a necessity. Sleep deprivation, however, has been linked to weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and skin problems, as well as anxiety, lack of concentration, and impaired motor abilities. How does the increased use of screen-based technology, especially by children and teens, affect sleep? We present an overview of the latest research on the causes of insufficient sleep.
  2. Inside a Sleep Clinic: What can you expect during a sleep study? How is sleep apnea diagnosed and treated? Examining the issues are Dr. Egambaram Senthilvel, pediatric sleep specialist with University of Louisville Physicians, and Jay McGuire, manager of the University of Louisville Physicians Sleep Center.
  3. Getting Smart About Sleep: Creating a more rested population involves first and foremost creating a culture of respect for sleep. What kinds of policies in schools and the workplace support that culture? We examine later school start times for adolescents, workplace overtime policies that support adequate rest, and more.

Our Program Guests

  • Phillip W. Bale, MD, Glasgow Primary Care
  • Barbara Phillips, MD, MSPH, professor and medical director of University of Kentucky Sleep Laboratory
  • Mohamed A. Saad, MD, director of University of Louisville Physicians Sleep Center

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