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More Than Child's Play: Why Physical Activity Matters

According to a report from a White House task force, childhood obesity rates have tripled in recent decades. And, Kentucky now has the third highest rate of childhood obesity in the nation.

Increased use of cars and video games, the reduction of physical education and availability of unhealthy food all contribute to these statistics. But, there are ways to help all children be physically active, improving their health as well as their academic, emotional and social well-being. Viewers explore the issue in "More Than Child's Play: Why Physical Activity Matters," part of KET's Be Well health initiative. The program first aired Jan. 25, 2011.

“More Than Child's Play” closely examines the causes, the serious consequences and the possible solutions to children's sedentary lifestyles. The program visits Wellington Elementary, one of two new health and fitness magnet schools in Louisville, which has already attracted national attention for its innovative policies and cutting-edge fitness lab. Viewers also meet parents, students, teachers and administrators at Campbell Ridge Elementary School in Northern Kentucky, Hopkins Elementary in Somerset, Stanford Elementary School and Lexington's Ashland Elementary, all of which are finding exciting new ways to make physical activity a priority.

The program also looks at the role of community initiatives and policy changes in creating more opportunities for children to be physically active. Faith-based organizations like The Kings Center in Frankfort, community efforts like Paducah's “Bikes on Broadway,” and statewide advocacy groups like the Partnership for a Fit Kentucky, among others, all participate in keeping Kentucky's kids moving, hopefully producing a lifelong habit of activity that could move the needle on childhood obesity.

“More than Child's Play: Why Physical Activity Matters,” part of KET's Be Well Kentucky health initiative, is a KET production, produced by Laura Krueger.

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More Than Child's Play is a KET production, funded in part by the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky.

Complete Credits for More Than Child’s Play

  • Producer/Writer  Laura Krueger
  • Editor  John Bacon
  • Associate Producer  Lisa Meek
  • Videographers  John Bacon – David Dampier – Frank Simkonis – Jason Robinson – Prentice Walker – Amelia Cutadean
  • Field Audio  Noel Depp – Roger Tremaine
  • Technical Editor  Jim Piston
  • Video Graphics  Carl Coakley – Clark Bradshaw
  • Audio Post-Production  Chuck Burgess
  • Creative Advisors  Mary Duncan – Teresa Day
  • Production Coordinator  George Murphy
  • Travel Coordination  Sheree Boston – Anna Gordon
  • Transcriptions  Sheree Boston
  • Logo and Print Graphics  John Dawahare – Missy Upton
  • Illustrated Graphics  Allison NeCamp – Esther Tattershall
  • Promotion  Amanda Dawahare
  • Website and Outreach Team  Melissa Rue – Suzanne Slaven – Diane Watts-Roy – Dave Hamon
  • Special Thanks to:  Campbell Ridge Elementary – Ninth District Elementary – Hopkins Elementary – Stanford Elementary – Ashland Elementary –  Wellington Elementary – Cochran Elementary – Shelby Elementary –  The Kings Center – BikeWorld – Metro Louisville Dept. of Public Health and Wellness – Kentucky River Campground
  • Archival Footage  Internet Archives – Getty Images – Streetsblog.org
  • Executive Producer  Nancy Carpenter


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