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Take Action

Action Tips for Your School

  • Get Moving — Incorporate physical activity breaks into classroom learning time — have kids do jumping jacks when they spell or count.
  • Promote Activity — Implement Take 10activity breaks, or a similar program, to reward students and promote daily physical activity at school inside and outside the classroom.
  • Fuel Up Smart — Make sure kids stay energized with plenty of water, nutritional meals, and healthy snacks.
  • Keep it Fun — Offer non-competitive after school activities like aerobics, dancing, and Zumba!® to inspire all kids to get moving.
  • Involve Everyone — Encourage school-wide activity breaks throughout the day.
  • Offer Healthy Choices — Eliminate unhealthy snacks and drinks for birthdays, classroom parties, fundraisers and snack bars at sporting events. Substitute healthy alternatives like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and water, or non-food fundraisers and rewards.
  • Reward with Activity — Reward kids with physical activity rather than sweet treats.
  • Make a Wellness Policy — Create a wellness policy at your school that promotes physical activity and healthy food at your school. Make sure that students, teachers, coaches, administrators and parents understand that the policy is good for everyone.
  • Get Walking — Start a Mileage Club or some type of walking club at your school.
  • Track Progress — Hold classroom and school-wide competitions and track progress.