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Get Out and Walk

“The easiest thing is to get out and walk.” Nina Walfort, Community Outreach Manager, CDC Grant, Louisville Metro Public Health and Wellness, Louisville, Ky.

Walking is an activity that nearly everyone can do, regardless of their fitness level. All you need to get your kids moving is a good place to walk and shoes made for walking. Right outside the door of your home, school or workplace is the best place to start. But the streets must be safe and inviting.


Broken sidewalks and streetlamps make walking hazardous and send the message that you might be better off inside. Doing a walkability survey is one way to see what kind of message your neighborhood is sending—and a good first step to building a culture for physical activity.

Download a walkability survey checklist and walk the streets in your community.

Action Tips for your Community

  • Get Moving – Perform a walkability study in your neighborhood.
  • Make It Fun – Involve your family, neighbors, school, church or other organizations in surveying your neighborhood and showcasing good places to walk and areas that need attention.
  • Involve Everyone – Share the survey results with local officials and ask how you and your neighbors can help make the streets walkable.