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Physical Activity Breaks at Wellington Elementary

Wellington Elementary is one of two new health and fitness magnet schools in Louisville, Ky. The school slogan, “A healthy mind and a healthy heart = success!” speaks volumes about the school’s intention to keep kids active throughout the day.

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“Kids spend so much time in school, often as much or more time than they do at home, so it should be our responsibility to teach the importance of health education in addition to reading, math, science, and social studies.” Michael Alexander, Principal, Wellington Elementary, Louisville, Ky.

Wellington has worked to increase the amount of time kids are active during the day. Each week, Wellington students participate in 45 minutes of physical education and another 45 minutes in the school fitness lab. Additionally, students enjoy 10 to 20 minutes of physical activity every day, in the classroom or outside.

Wellington’s Fitness Lab, sponsored by Humana, and complete with Nintendo Wii, Wii Fit, Playstation GameBike, and Dance, Dance Revolution, has attracted national attention. Students also enjoy a climbing wall and participate in after school activities like dance, kickball, and “funrobics” — aerobic exercise with Billy Blank, Kenny Kihiu, and Hip Hop for Kids.