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Increasing Kids’ Activity is an Invitation to All

For our children’s good health, fitness and well-being, we must encourage them to be physically active. But we are faced with serious challenges in today's world. Our kids rely largely on technology for entertainment and transportation. They are tempted by easily accessible, unhealthy foods. There has been a decrease in opportunities for physical education and exercise at school.

To prevent our next generation from declining physically, concerned citizens can work together to create a physical activity-friendly culture. Help is needed from individuals, families, schools and community groups. For more information, check out our answers to frequently asked questions.

Get Involved: Host a Screening


KET will provide a free DVD of More Than Child's Play to a school or community group that has agreed to host a screening. Learn more about how to host a screening. Please download the hosting information and discussion guide pamphlet. (pdf)


How We Became a Sedentary Society

“There’s been a dramatic shift in culture, there’s no question about that...we’ve gone to a tremendously automated society.” Dr. Adewale Troutman, former Director of Public Health for the city of Louisville, Ky.
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Policy and Positive Changes

Whether in your home, your school, or your community, policies related to kids’ physical activity are important.
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Dr. Beighle“We probably successfully turned off a lot of students by telling them, “you’re not fit, you’re not fit,’...when we could have been telling them ‘just move more, just move more.” Dr. Aaron Beighle, Associate Professor of Kinesiology and Health Promotion, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky.


Mrs. Russell“We've done the education and physical activity, but we need policies for more access to physical activity to be more convenient.” Elaine Russell, Partnership for a Fit Kentucky, Frankfort, Ky.