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Mileage Club® at Hopkins Elementary

Students at Hopkins Elementary School in Somerset have walked to the state of California and back — or at least that’s how many miles they’ve logged in a new Mileage Club at the school. Students walk on the playground, in the hall or do laps around the gym and are rewarded every 5 miles with a Toe Token® (a colorful foot-shaped charm) they wear proudly on necklaces or on their shoelaces.

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“I think they enjoy wearing that (Toe Token) to be proud of what they've accomplished, because it's hard work to earn those miles and they're proud of what they're doing.” Kelly Waddle, Physical Education Teacher, Hopkins Elementary, Somerset, Ky.

The students’ miles — and their foot-shaped charms — are adding up. Within 6 months of starting the program at the school, administrators noticed some positive changes. For example, the school’s principal, who lost 50 pounds on the program, reported that school test scores are going up — and she believes there’s a link. “It’s worth the time. Keep them hydrated, keep them active and that will keep them energized and invigorated — that’s one thing we’ve been doing for several years and our (test) scores are proving it.” Fonda Crawford, Principal, Hopkins Elementary, Somerset, Ky.

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