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Get Out in Nature!

“My fondest memories were in the outdoors…and I thought about how there is a peace that you can’t experience except in the outdoors and how important that is to keep the kids engaged with nature.” Misty Steitz, Program Coordinator, Kings Center, Frankfort, Ky.

kids preparing for walk

Experts believe that many children today are experiencing a nature deficit because of long hours spent at school, in organized activities, and in front of a screen.

“They’re (kids) totally disconnected from nature ... they think their steak or their hamburger comes wrapped from Kroger in plastic. Their vegetables the same way. They don’t have any idea of what nature has provided — the role of nature, the universe, their place in it.” Ed Councill, Advocate, No Child Left Inside, Frankfort, Ky.

People across the country are coming together through organizations and groups that include the faith community, civic organizations, local clubs, and social change groups like No Child Left Inside to find ways to get kids active in natural environments.

Action Tips for your Community

  • Get Moving – Enjoy the outdoors in one of Kentucky’s many beautiful parks website. Get active while enjoying the natural beauty.
  • Fuel Up Healthy – Serve kids the best of what nature has to offer with natural foods. Make sure your organization serves kids plenty of fruits and vegetables, and limits processed foods.
  • Involve Everyone – Have your business, neighborhood, faith or community organizations survey local parks and playgrounds to make sure they’re safe, clean and available to kids and their families.