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Kids Get Active at School!

Schools across Kentucky are helping students get active with dance parties, walking clubs, exercise labs and old-fashioned games. Teachers are building physical activity right into the classroom experience and taking regular activity breaks to keep everyone energized.

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Mileage Club
at Hopkins Elementary,
Somerset, Ky.

“I think they (kids) enjoy being active. I think that is a natural thing for them.” Kelly Waddle, Physical Education Teacher, Hopkins Elementary, Somerset, Ky.

Wellness Policy
at Campbell Ridge Elementary, Alexandria, Ky.

“When you say ‘this is policy,’ you’re giving (the teachers) permission.” Anthony Mazzei, Principal, Campbell Ridge Elementary, Alexandria, Ky.

Activity Breaks
at Wellington Elementary, Louisville, Ky.

“It’s not just about sitting and being quiet to learn. The kids are more engaged if they are more active.” Jessica Ferry, Teacher, Wellington Elementary, Louisville, Ky.