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California Walkability Study

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Working in collaboration with their local health department, residents of the California neighborhood in Louisville, Ky. surveyed their streets to identify good routes for walking and barriers that might keep them inside and missing their daily exercise.

“It’s important for people to be physically active. It gets you healthier. It relieves stress on you. People don’t want to walk on broken up sidewalks or be around trash — it makes them feel low.” Nicolette Curtin, 15, resident of California neighborhood, Louisville, Ky.

After the residents came up with a list of changes to make their streets more walkable, the local health department forwarded the information to city public works and transportation agencies. Now, their voices have been heard and their ideas included for future plans to make their streets more usable and friendly.

“I think it’s a good idea when people can spot places where there are issues and people who might not walk here realize that there are lots of places that are good to walk around, too.”
Gwen Kelly, California neighborhood resident, Louisville, Ky.