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Incorporate Activity Breaks!

Most children in Kentucky spend about seven hours at school each day for 180 days a year, making school the perfect place for kids to get active. Implementing regular physical activity breaks during the school day:

kids playing
  • Helps children build strong muscles and bones;
  • Decreases their risk of chronic disease; and,
  • Improves kids’ behavior and concentration in the classroom. (Center for Disease Control)

“Play is kids’ work and so when kids go outside and play together without us adults intervening, they are learning ...” Eva Stone, Kentucky Nurse Practitioner, Stanford, Ky.

There are plenty of good ideas about incorporating movement into classroom curriculum. For example, learn more about incorporating movement and dance into age-specific lesson plans for grades K — 12 with KET's dance lesson plans and dance idea file.

Check out letsmove.gov for more ideas about incorporating physical activity into the classroom.

Action Tips for your School

  • Get Moving – Incorporate physical activity breaks into classroom learning time – have kids do jumping jacks when they spell or count.
  • Fuel Up Smart – Make sure kids stay energized with plenty of water, nutritional meals, and healthy snacks.
  • Keep It Fun – Offer non-competitive after school activities like aerobics, dancing, and Zumba to inspire all kids to get moving.
  • Involve Everyone – Encourage school-wide activity breaks throughout the day.