Nazi Mega Weapons

The Siegfried Line

The idea of a mighty defensive system stretching along Germany’s western front first comes to Hitler in 1936 when he is pursuing a policy of German expansion. With plans to invade countries to the east, he needs to ensure Germany’s western border with France is secure. In 1938, shrouded in secrecy, the German Army starts work on the immense fortifications.

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Children of “Giant”

In the summer of 1955, Hollywood descended on the dusty West Texas town of Marfa as production began on the highly anticipated movie "Giant." Based on Edna Ferber’s controversial novel, the film was a different kind of western and one of the first to explore the racial divide between Anglos and Mexican Americans in the Southwest.

American Experience

My Lai

The 1968 My Lai massacre, its subsequent cover-up, and the heroic efforts of the soldiers who broke ranks to try to halt the atrocities, and then bring them to light.

Nazi Mega Weapons


As America threatens to invade Japan in 1944, the Japanese turn to desperate new tactics: kamikaze suicide bombers. Now, experts are uncovering the clues to the terrifying weapons Japan sent into war - killer planes, rocket bombs, and super torpedoes: all guided, not by machines, but by human pilots.

James Baker: The Man Who Made Washington Work

Watch the story of James A. Baker III, a remarkable politician and statesman who represents a time when a divided Congress got things done, and when presidents and politicians worked together.

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Basketball in Kentucky—Great Balls of Fire

Vintage Videos: UK Ascendancy Began with The Fabulous Five

Before there were one-and-dones, "The Fabulous Five" set the tone for the University of Kentucky men's basketball team's supremacy on the hard court. Former players remember their time on the team in this 2001 KET production.

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Kentucky LIfe

Thrills of Yesteryear

For decades Kentuckians got their thrills, chills, and spills at Fontaine Ferry, Joyland, Ludlow Lagoon, Clyffside Park, and Beech Bend. In this "Kentucky Life" episode from 1998, host Byron Crawford takes us down memory lane to the amusement parks of the past.


Building Wonders: Hagia Sophia – Istanbul’s Ancient Mystery

How has this unique structure in Istanbul, built on a seismic fault, survived centuries of quakes?

The Italian Americans

The Loyal Americans

A second generation of Italian Americans begins to enter the labor movement, politics, sports and entertainment. Fiorello LaGuardia becomes mayor of New York City. Joe DiMaggio, the son of a San Francisco fisherman, becomes an American hero.

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Black History Month

Abby Marlatt

While teaching at the University of Kentucky in the 1960s, Marlatt helped organize students and train them in the principles of nonviolent protest, joining them at sit-ins and other actions that led to the desegregation of many public facilities in Lexington.

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