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KET offers a wide range of P-12 instructional series, programs, professional development seminars, and resources in all content areas via overnight digital broadcast on KET KY or as streaming video online via KET ED On Demand. The following pages include program descriptions, broadcast schedules, connections to Kentucky academic standards, and links to related classroom materials for all these KET resources.


Currently most resources available through KET ED On Demand are available only to users accessing the service from a public school IP (Internet Provider) address, although KET-produced resources are available to all. For now, this is a streaming service only. If you have trouble accessing KET ED On Demand from a school address, contact webmaster@ket.org.

If you log on to the KET Web site using a public school address and select a program from this KET ED Instructional Resources Catalog, you will see an icon indicating if the program or series is available as streaming video. If the resource is a single icon, you need only click the icon to access the video. If the resource is a series with multiple episodes, you will be directed to the episode list to access the video.

KET will be adding series to this service over the next couple of months. If the program or series you need is not available, check back in a week or so or request the series by e-mailing itv@ket.org.


We now have more than 80 educational series available online!

Click on the KET ED On Demand Programs .pdf to view all current series titles. We'll update this pdf weekly as more educational videos from our School Resource book are added to KET ED On Demand.


Browse by Selecting a and/or Area

Printer-friendly lists of series and programs by curriculum area and grade range, with up-to-date schedule information.

The 2009/10 KET School Resources book is available as a PDF file for you to print or download. (128 pages; 14.9 MB)

All of our ITV offerings have been correlated to Kentucky’s Academic Expectations.



All Kentucky schools may tape and retain programs broadcast during KET's overnight block feeds according to the rights. Kentucky schools also may order teacher’s guides or videotapes for designated series from KET.

Several KET-produced programs are available for sale nationwide; contact the at (800) 432-0951, ext. 7261 for further information. However, rights restrictions prohibit KET from distributing other videos and guides outside Kentucky.

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