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KET ITV programs that relate to
Academic Expectation 1.11: Writing

Students write using appropriate forms, conventions, and styles to communicate ideas and information to different audiences for different purposes.

(For more information on Kentucky academic standards, visit the Kentucky Department of Education web site.)

Grades   Program
Grades 0-12
Hollywood Homeroom: Producing Classroom Videos with Hollywood Magic
How to use the video camera effectively
Grades 1-3
Cursive Handwriting Series A
Handwriting instruction—Zaner-Bloser
Grades 1-3
Electronic Field Trip to the Post Office
A look at the postal service in action for primary students!
Grades 4-5
Creating Stories and Music
Exploring the connections between writing and composing
Grades 4-8
Student Lessons in Revision with Barry Lane
Creative writing exercises
Grades 4-8
Write Ideas
Creative ideas for writing poetry
Grades 4-12
Making News Quiz
See how a professional news program is produced
Grades 6-12
Making Grimm Movies
How to make creative and inexpensive movies/media literacy
Grades 9-12
Living by Words
A celebration of 50 years of creative writing at the University of Kentucky
Grades 9-13
Discussions of books by Kentucky authors
Grades 10-13
Everyday Voices
The how-to’s of creative writing
Grades 10-13
Workplace Essential Skills
Skills and advice for finding, getting, and keeping a job

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