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KET ITV programs that relate to
Academic Expectation 2.15: Citizen Rights and Responsibilities

Students can accurately describe various forms of government and analyze issues that relate to the rights and responsibilities of citizens in a democracy.

(For more information on Kentucky academic standards, visit the Kentucky Department of Education web site.)

Grades   Program
Grades 4-12
Colonial Williamsburg Field Trips
Bring the past alive in the classroom
Grades 4-13
Women of Kentucky: Our Legacy, Our Future
Kentucky leaders, past and present
Grades 6-9
Under 18: Under the Law
The juvenile justice system
Grades 6-12
U.S. Constitution
The Constitution as a living document
Grades 7-12
Events of the 20th Century
From the horror of the Holocaust to the triumph of the moon landing
Grades 10-12
A Bill of Rights: What No Just Government Should Refuse
Civics and government

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