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KET ITV programs that relate to
Academic Expectation 2.20: Historical Perspective

Students understand, analyze, and interpret historical events, conditions, trends, and issues to develop historical perspective.

(For more information on Kentucky academic standards, visit the Kentucky Department of Education web site.)

Grades   Program
Grades 3-5
Electronic Field Trip to the Belle of Louisville
Come onboard the oldest operating paddlewheel steamboat in America!
Grades 3-12
Electronic Field Trip to the Aviation Museum of Kentucky
Celebrating 100 years of powered flight
Grades 4-4
Kentucky GeoQuest
Kentucky geography
Grades 4-5
Kentucky’s Story
Historical perspectives on early Kentucky
Grades 4-6
Tracks: Impressions of America
Tracing this country’s greatest historical events
Grades 4-8
Electronic Field Trip to Fort Harrod and Fort Boonesborough
Westward expansion into Kentucky and daily life in a settlement fort
Grades 4-8
Electronic Field Trip to the Forest
Give your students a “behind the trees” look at a forest!
Grades 4-12
Colonial Williamsburg Field Trips
Bring the past alive in the classroom
Grades 4-12
Electronic Field Trip to Perryville
Echoes of the Civil War in Kentucky
Grades 4-12
Electronic Field Trip to the Mountain Homeplace
Mountain life in the 1850s
Grades 4-12
Electronic Field Trip to White Hall Historic Site, Home of Cassius M. Clay
Visit the home of an emancipationist
Grades 4-12
Kentucky in Africa
Ex-slaves emigration to West Africa
Grades 4-12
Kentucky’s Underground Railroad: Passage to Freedom
Trace Kentucky’s tracks on the Underground Railroad
Grades 4-13
Women of Kentucky: Our Legacy, Our Future
Kentucky leaders, past and present
Grades 5-13
The Remarkable Clarks
A docudrama on one of Kentucky’s most famous families
Grades 6-12
U.S. Constitution
The Constitution as a living document
Grades 6-13
Living the Story: The Civil Rights Movement in Kentucky
Personal stories of the fight for racial equality
Grades 6-13
Living the Story: The Rest of the Story
Interviews with civil rights pioneers
Grades 7-12
Events of the 20th Century
From the horror of the Holocaust to the triumph of the moon landing
Grades 8-12
America Past
Development of America from the Colonial period to the eve of the Civil War
Grades 10-12
A Bill of Rights: What No Just Government Should Refuse
Civics and government

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