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KET ITV programs that relate to
Academic Expectation 2.26: Cultural Diversity in Arts

Through the arts and humanities, students recognize that although people are different, they share some common experiences and attitudes.

(For more information on Kentucky academic standards, visit the Kentucky Department of Education web site.)

Grades   Program
Grades 0-3
Art to Heart
Exploring creativity and arts activities for young children
Grades 0-12
Arts Toolkit
Multimedia materials for teaching with the arts
Grades 1-8
Dancing Threads: Community Dances from Africa to Zuni
Traditional folk dances from various cultures
Grades 4-12
Winter: Season of Darkness and Light
Haliday traditions from various cultures
Grades 5-10
Understanding dance elements, styles, and history
Grades 5-13
Crafting Tradition
Honoring Kentucky’s hand-made past
Grades 6-12
Art History I: A Century of Modern Art
An introduction to the works of influential modern painters
Grades 6-12
Art History II: A Survey of the Western World
American and European painting and architecture
Grades 8-13
World of Our Own: Kentucky Folkways
The richness and diversity of Kentucky’s cultural heritage
Grades 9-12
Kentucky Muse
Contemporary artistic life in Kentucky
Grades 9-12
Living by Words
A celebration of 50 years of creative writing at the University of Kentucky

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