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Arts and Humanities

Art On-Air

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Artists-in-residence from the Kentucky Arts Council demonstrate techniques in various visual art forms and lead students in projects that can be completed at home or in the classroom.

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2012/13 Program Schedule

101. Walking the Line
Rebecca Gallion demonstrates contour drawing, in which a single continuous line is used to quickly capture an object's shape.
102. Moving Lines
Alice Noel demonstrates gestural drawing: quickly drawn sketches of people or objects that incorporate large, directional movement.
103. Color
Catherine Rubin explains the concepts of warm and cool colors and demonstrates an activity in which contrasting colors are used in assembling a cut-paper collage.
104. Geo-Vistas
Ruben Moreno demonstrates a drawing, painting, and sculpting project that lets kids explore geometric and organic shapes in two and three dimensions.
105. Tessellations
Thomas Freese shows how to create interlocking patterns with homemade stamps.
106. cARTography
Cynthia Cooke blends art, science, mathematics, social studies, and writing into a project in which students create a map of an imaginary island and then talk and write about who lives there.
107. Drawing Animals
Rex Robinson demonstrates a three-step process for drawing any animal.
108. Turning Everyday Objects Into Art
Alice Noel leads students in the art of assemblage—creating sculptures out of pieces of ready-made materials and found objects—as they create individual portrait boxes.
109. Exploring the Third Dimension with Captain Cooke
Cynthia Cooke shows how to use contour lines to create a three-dimensional topographic map of an island.
110. Celebrating Ancestors
Maude Alexander shows examples of traditional African masks and leads students in a project to create masks representing their own ancestors.
111. Combining Words with Art
Thomas Freese demonstrates how to make an accordion-fold book and introduces the art of calligraphy.
112. Animating Art
Ruben Moreno explains the magic behind motion pictures as he builds a zoetrope, turning a series of drawings into an animated "movie."

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