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Electronic Field Trips

Electronic Field Trip to the Forest

Give your students a “behind the trees” look at a forest!
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A simple hike through the woods turns into a learning experience when three teenagers meet up with a forester from the Kentucky Division of Forestry. Through their discussions with the forester, interviews with other experts, and a video exploration of the forest, our hikers and your students learn about the history of Kentucky forests, the natural and human influences which have shaped them, and their future. Content areas covered include: environmental science, life science, history, geography, and economics.

Visit the web site to find student activities such as a Habitats Game where students match plants and animals to the habitats best suited for them, fun facts about tree products and forestry careers, and a Chestnut slideshow where students learn about work to save the American Chestnut tree. Produced by KET, the USDA Forest Service, Kentucky Division of Forestry, and other partners in 2002. This series is correlated to a comprehensive forestry curriculum guide located at the web site.

Program of Studies
Physical Science: Structure and Transformation of Matter, Motion and Forces
Earth/Space Science: The Earth and the Universe
Biological Science: Biological Change
Unifying Concepts: Energy Transformations, Interdependence
Social Studies: Economics, Historical Perspective, Geography
Practial Living/Vocational Studies: Career Awareness, Exploration, Planning

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2012/13 KETKY Program Schedule

A hike through the woods turns into a learning experience for three teenagers in this 2002 KET production. A forester from the Kentucky Division of Forestry joins their outing, and together they explore the history of Kentucky's forests, the natural and human influences that have shaped them, and what it will take to ensure their future survival. Designed for students in grades 4-8, this 60-minute overview of forest ecology and management covers topics in environmental science, life science, history, geography, and economics.

These videos are also available on Discovery Education.

The schedule listed here includes only airings on the KETKY channel. See the complete Electronic Field Trip to the Forest broadcast schedule for airings on all KET channels.

Kentucky Academic Expectations

This program relates to the following Kentucky Academic Expectations.

Kentucky schools may tape and retain programs according to the rights listed above. For further information, contact the KET Education Division.

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