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Electronic Field Trips

Electronic Field Trip Through Geologic Time

Exploring layers of rock at Jenkins Pound Gap
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60 minutes
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A geologist and a science teacher show students how to identify and date rocks as they explore Jenkins Pound Gap in Letcher County. This is the first site in Kentucky designated as geologically significant. Geologist Frank Ettensohn and teacher Kim Alexander discuss how early settlers used the Pound Gap as an easy crossing through the Pine Mountain Ridge. As students see how layers of rocks formed and moved over time, they’ll see examples from the Devonian through the Mississippian to the Pennsylvanian periods, with lots of explanations and visible examples of aging. Produced 2000, updated 2002.

Students explore:

  • how weathering and erosion caused the formation of a gap;
  • what cultural and economic effects the gap had on the region;
  • how environments move "in and out" through time;
  • differences between shale, sandstone, coal, limestone and dolomite;
  • how to identify properties of rock in terms of color, texture, and hardness.

Program of Studies
Science: Earth/Space Science: The Earth and the Universe
Biological Science: Unity and Diversity, Biological Change
Unifying Concepts: Energy Transformations, Interdependence
Social Studies: Geography

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2012/13 KETKY Program Schedule

Dr. Frank Ettensohn, a University of Kentucky geologist, leads students on an exploration of Letcher County's Pound Gap. At this cut-through near Jenkins, weathering and erosion have exposed layers of rock dating back to the Devonian Period, including abundant brachiopod fossils. Ettensohn and science teacher Kim Alexander show how to identify and date rocks, point out examples of various types, and explain how rocks are classified. A 1999 KET production.

These videos are also available on Discovery Education.

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Kentucky Academic Expectations

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