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Foreign Language


Beginning Spanish
Grade Levels:
15 minutes
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Saludos introduces Spanish to the English-speaking student. The emphasis is on oral communication, with each program introducing a limited number of new words and grammatical structures. The objectives are to create a positive attitude toward learning a foreign language, teach correct Spanish pronunciation and a practical set of Spanish phrases, present the history and culture of some Hispanic countries, and develop cross-cultural understanding.

A master set of guide materials is downloadable for Saludos at www.ket.org/education/guides. It contains teacherís information for each program, plus student activity sheets, words and music to all songs, copies of all recipes, reproducible student activity sheets, and audio files for lessons 1-36.

Program of Studies:
World Language: Communicating, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, Communities
English/Language Arts: Speaking, Listening, and Observing

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2012/13 KETKY Program Schedule

101. ¡Hola! ¿Cómo Estás? (Hello! How Are You?)
102. ¿Cómo Te Llamas? (What's Your Name?)
103. Mi Familia (My Family)
104. La Visita de Abuelita (Grandmother's Visit)
105. ¿Cuántos Años Tienes? (How Old Are You?)
106. La Ropa de Niñas (Clothing for Girls)
107. Los Regalos (The Presents)
108. Vamos a Repasar (Let's Review)
109. Más Números (More Numbers)
110. El Supermercado (The Supermarket)
111. La Carta (The Letter)
112. La Fiesta Mejicana (The Mexican Party)
113. Los Días de la Semana (The Days of the Week)
114. Los Animales (The Animals)
115. Vamos a Comer (Let's Eat)
116. Vamos a Repasar (Let's Review) II
117. La Biblioteca (The Library)
118. Las Partes del Cuerpo (The Parts of the Body) Part 1
119. Las Partes del Cuerpo (The Parts of the Body) Part 2
120. La Clase (The Classroom)
121. ¿Cómo Está el Tiempo? (How's the Weather?)
122. Entra a Mi Casa (Enter My House)
123. Vamos a Repasar (Let's Review) III
124. Vamos a Dibujar (Let's Draw)
125. Vamos al Campo (Let's Go to the Country)
126. Vendo Gorras (I Sell Caps)
127. Vendo Frutas (I Sell Fruits)
128. Vamos de Compras (Let's Go Shopping)
129. Vamos a Repasar (Let's Review) IV
130. ¿Qué Hora Es? (What Time Is It?)
131. Los Meses del Año (The Months of the Year)
132. Las Cuatro Estaciones (The Four Seasons)
133. Una Visita (A Visit)
134. ¿Qué Haces en Casa? (What Do You Do at Home?)
135. Vamos a Repasar (Let's Review) V
136. Memorias (Memories)

The schedule listed here includes only airings on the KETKY channel. See the complete Saludos broadcast schedule for airings on all KET channels.

Kentucky Academic Expectations

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Kentucky schools may tape and retain programs according to the rights listed above. For further information, contact the KET Education Division.

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