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Scale City

The Road to Proportional Reasoning
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Scale City, KET’s new online math resource, offers middle school teachers and students an engaging way to learn about proportional reasoning.

Eight short videos ranging in length from three to six minutes take viewers to places throughout Kentucky that illustrate scale and scaling. Each video is accompanied by a Flash interactive that allows students and teachers to explore the math and apply it to problems.

The web site includes a wealth of teacher materials—lesson plans, assessments, handouts and activities, vocabulary, resource lists—as well as links to online middle grades math resources developed by KET’s public television partners in Alabama, Arkansas, and Maryland.

The eight modules in Scale City are designed to go from simpler proportional reasoning concepts to more complex ones. They also can be used individually to help students understand specific topics related to proportional reasoning.

Dinosaur World:

  • Video: Greetings from Dinosaur World — A visit to Dinosaur World in Cave City, Kentucky, which boasts more than 150 to-scale replicas of dinosaurs
  • Interactive: Size-O-Rama — Use proportional reasoning and one-dimensional scaling to compute the height of dinosaurs and other figures.

Louisville Slugger Museum:

  • Video: Greetings from the Louisville Slugger Museum — A tour of the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory, where you’ll see the World’s Largest Bat and learn how bats are made for major league baseball
  • Interactive: Similar Shadows — Learn how to determine the height of an unknown object using a known height, shadows, and similar triangles.

World of Mural Painting:

  • Video: Greetings from the World of Mural Painting — A look at murals created for Kentucky post offices during the Depression
  • Interactive: Mural Math —Explore two-dimensional scaling by sizing up and painting murals.

Miniature Land:

  • Video: Greetings from Miniature Land — A trip to miniature exhibits at the Kentucky Gateway Museum in Maysville and the Behringer-Crawford Museum in Covington and to an architectural firm in Lexington
  • Interactive: House of Scales — Size a house up by a factor of 10 and see what happens to its dimensions, including its volume.

World Chicken Festival:

  • Video: Greetings from the World Chicken Festival — A visit to the World Chicken Festival in London, Kentucky, where you can eat chicken prepared in the World’s Largest Stainless Steel Skillet
  • Interactive: Sunnyside Up — Use proportional reasoning to scale up recipes and explore what happens to the area of a skillet when its radius increases.

Sky-vue Drive-in:

  • Video: Greetings from the Sky-Vue Drive-In — A journey through the history of drive-in theaters culminating with the Sky-Vue Twin Drive-In in Winchester, Kentucky
  • Interactive: Drive-In Shadow Puppets — Discover the inverse proportional relationship between an object’s distance from a light source and the height of its shadow.

Belle of Louisville:

  • Video: Greetings from the Belle of Louisville — An examination of how the Belle of Louisville’s calliope and other musical instruments relate to mathematics
  • Interactive: Musical Scales — Explore the mathematical relationship between the length of pipes in a panpipe and their pitch or frequency.

Kentucky Horse Park:

  • Video: Greetings from the Kentucky Horse Park — A trip to the Kentucky Horse Park to see the Parade of Breeds and visit the grave of the legendary racehorse, Man o’ War.
  • Interactive: At the Track — See how time, distance, and speed are proportionally related by racing various opponents against Man o’ War.

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