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Practical Living/Career Studies


Internet safety for teens
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Taking a no-nonsense, peer-based approach, this three-part series raises teen awareness of the threats that Internet users face. Personal, financial, and career-related risks become clear through conversations with young people and interviews with computer experts. Students gain a solid understanding of best practices and rules of online conduct so they can navigate potential Internet perils before trouble occurs. This series correlates to National ISTE Technology Foundation Standards for Students.

Program of Studies
Practical Living: Personal Wellness, Safety

National Educational Technology Standards: Ethical, cultural, and societal issues related to technology; responsible use of technology systems, information, and Prsoftware; positive attitudes toward technology uses that support lifelong learning, collaboration, personal pursuits, and productivity

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2012/13 Program Schedule

101. CyberSafety
Many young people who spend time in chat rooms or post sensitive information on the Internet have little idea of the risks involved. This program warns students about how vulnerable they are, outlines how to take precautions, and explains the downside of an irreversible virtual footprint - a trail that all Internet users leave which can be used against them.
102. CyberSecurity
This program highlights the importance of installing a variety of security measures - from setting up a firewall to maintaining multiple passwords.
103. CyberEthics
This program offers guidelines for the use of intellectual property; outlines the risks involved with pornography, gaming sites, chat rooms, and online social networks; and helps student steer clear of antisocial and abusive activities such as cyberbullying.

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