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Practical Living/Career Studies


Building relationships and solving problems together
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This popular children’s series, based on the books by Marc Brown, features Arthur the Aardvark and his friends using language, communication, and problem-solving skills at school, at play, and in interpersonal relationships. Designed to encourage reading, writing, and cooperative problem solving, the programs outline dilemmas faced by elementary children—from a “bad hair day” to the temptation to cheat—and show Arthur and friends working together to figure out what is the right thing to do.

Each regular half-hour episode includes two complete animated stories, plus an interstitial segment featuring real kids and built on a specific theme.

Episodes in this Series

117. Meek for a Week/Arthur, World's Greatest Gleeper
Muffy challenges Francine to be nice and not say insulting things for a full week. Arthur thinks it would be cool to be a Gleeper—until he finds out what "gleeping" really means. 29 minutes.
118. Arthur's Chicken Pox/Sick as a Dog
Arthur may miss out on the family outing to the circus because he has chicken pox. Meanwhile, D.W. is jealous of the attention he's getting. When Pal gets sick, Arthur refuses to believe it has anything to do with all the candy he's been feeding the dog and blames D.W. instead. 29 minutes.
119. D.W. Rides Again/Arthur Makes the Team
D.W. wants to ride in the bikeathon and enlists Arthur's help for a quick course in bicycle safety. Arthur and the gang form a baseball team, with Francine as coach. 29 minutes.
120. Arthur's Almost Boring Day/The Half-Baked Sale
Stuck inside on a rainy day, Arthur and D.W. find some fascinating stuff about their parents in the attic. Grandma Thora has made goodies for the bake sale, but Arthur worries about what people will think when they discover her terrible cooking. 29 minutes.
216. Grandma Thora Appreciation Day/Fern's Slumber Party
Muffy tries to bribe the judges at the science fair, and Francine and Brain plot revenge. But Muffy has the last laugh. Deputized as a Junior Safety Officer, D.W. sees it as a license to tattle. 29 minutes.
217. Francine Redecorates/Arthur the Loser
Francine and her sister Catherine have to share a room. But how do you decorate when one person likes bats and lizards, and the other's tastes run to lace? Arthur never seems to win at anything, and he wonders whether it would really hurt to cheat just a little. 29 minutes.
218. Arthur Vs. The Very Mean Crossing Guard/D.W.'s Very Bad Mood
A new crossing guard tries to charge the kids to cross the street. Francine sets out to discover what it is that's making D.W. so cranky. 29 minutes.
219. D.W.'s Name Game/Finders Key-pers
The name-calling contest between Arthur and D.W. improves their vocabularies, but gets a little out of control. Arthur, Brain, and Binky find a mysterious key and argue over who gets to keep whatever it goes to—even though they don't know what that is. 29 minutes.
220. How the Cookie Crumbles/Sue Ellen's Little Sister
Muffy hits the jackpot when her cookies turn out to be a big hit. The only trouble is that the recipe isn't really hers. When Sue Ellen wishes she had a little sister, Arthur and Francine both offer to lend her theirs. 29 minutes.
501. Arthur and the Big Riddle/Double Dare
The cool new game show RiddleQuest poses a really old riddle: Is winning really everything? Arthur's wish to play hooky becomes a group pact when the kids start daring and double-daring one another, but things don't go as planned. 29 minutes.
502. Kids Are from Earth, Parents Are from Pluto/Nerves of Steal
Lakewood Elementary is hosting a Parents Open House. How will the kids survive their parents' embarrassing antics? Buster hates being the only kid without a Cybertoy, so he decides to "borrow" one from the store ... until his own conscience catches him. 29 minutes.
503. It's a No-Brainer/The Shore Thing
When Brain loses his cool and loses to Buster in the Math-a-thon, he decides it's time to give up his books and his nickname. Arthur and D.W. beg their dad to take them to the fancy new water park, but he suggests the plain old-fashioned seaside instead. 29 minutes.
504. The World Record/The Cave
The kids try to set world records on their own, then discover that they have a better chance if they work together. Arthur is looking forward to a class trip to a cave, although he is just a little concerned about how dark it will be in there. 29 minutes.
601. Sue Ellen Gets Her Goose Cooked/Best of the Nest
Sue Ellen has become a champion at the Internet game Virtual Goose, but she may be taking things too far: She's starting to imagine that her friends are geese to be conquered. As everyone else gets involved in another online game involving multiple geese, Brain tries to convince them to leave their computers behind and have a real-life camping adventure in the woods. 29 minutes.
602. Arthur Plays the Blues/Buster's Sweet Success
Arthur's piano teacher retires, telling him that he'll get along just fine with her replacement. But when Arthur meets the famous—and very strict—Dr. Fugue, he begins to doubt whether he'll be able to keep up. Buster signs up to sell candy to raise money for the band, but then eats up all the profits. 29 minutes.
603. Prunella's Special Edition/The Secret Life of Dogs & Babies
While everyone else lines up at the bookstore for the latest Henry Skreever book, Prunella orders a special monogrammed limited edition from England—and gets a Braille version by mistake. A journey inside the minds of Baby Kate and dog Pal shows what they really think of Arthur, D.W., and the silly grown-ups around them. 29 minutes.
604. Muffy's Soccer Shocker/Brother, Can You Spare A Clarinet?
Muffy is proud that her father is the new coach of the soccer team—until he starts exhausting everyone on the squad with drills like the piston, the muffler, and, worst of all, the shock absorber. Tryouts for the Young Person's Orchestra are coming to town, and everyone thinks Binky is a shoo-in. So why is he suddenly refusing to play his clarinet in band practice? 29 minutes.
605. The Boy Who Cried Comet/Arthur and Los Vecinos
Buster uses Muffy's new telescope to try to prove that the UFOs he's been seeing are real, but discovers something even more frightening: a comet headed straight for Earth! When a Latino family moves in next door, Arthur makes a new friend and learns about a different culture—including a Spanish version of Bionic Bunny named Conejitos Mecánicos. 29 minutes.
606. Citizen Frensky/D.W.'s Backpack Mishap
Sensational headlines and embarrassing photos make Francine's new newspaper, the Frensky Star, a great success—except that now none of her friends is speaking to her. Someone makes off with D.W.'s backpack but leaves a different one in its place, and she uses the objects in it as clues to try to puzzle out the identity of the thief. 29 minutes.
607. The Boy with His Head in the Clouds/More!
George is smart, but he sometimes has trouble reading and writing. With the help of others with dyslexia, he discovers that there are many different ways to learn. D.W. is thrilled that she is finally going to get an allowance. But when she learns that Emily and the Tibble twins have been getting allowances for years, she frets over the financial head start they've gotten on her. 29 minutes.
608. Rhyme for Your Life/For Whom the Bell Tolls
Binky is trapped in Verseberg, where it's a crime not to rhyme. Arthur takes care of a sick D.W., and he finds himself at the mercy of his little sister and her cowbell. 29 minutes.
609. The Good Sport/Crushed
Francine makes no effort to hide her hurt feelings when Jenna gets the Athlete of the Year award instead of the rightful recipient—Francine. Then figure skater Michelle Kwan explains a few things about good sportsmanship. Arthur thinks he's too old to need a babysitter, but changes his mind when the sitter turns out to be a 16-year-old who loves ice cream and the Dark Bunny VI: Curse of the Moomy video game. 29 minutes.
610. Arthur Loses His Marbles/Friday the 13th
Arthur trains with Grandma Thora, a marbles champion, so he can beat all his friends. But when the Elwood City marbles tournament comes down to Read vs. Read, he learns that she didn't quite pass along all her secrets. While others are stepping over cracks or walking around ladders, Brain scoffs and defies all the superstitions—but then he has a run of bad luck. With Friday the 13th on the way, should he rethink things? 29 minutes.
706. Pick a Car, Any Car/Jenna's Bedtime Blues
Click and Clack of Car Talk offer some helpful advice as Arthur desperately tries to prevent his parents from replacing the beloved family car. Jenna is finally invited to Muffy's annual slumber party, but is terrified that the others will learn her awful secret: that she occasionally wets the bed. 29 minutes.
707. D.W.'s Time Trouble/Buster's Amish Mismatch
A magical trip through time lets D.W. see what life would have been like if she had been Arthur's older sibling instead of the other way around. Inspired by a field trip to Amish country, Buster vows to forgo all modern conveniences when he gets back home—but that's easier said than done. 29 minutes.
708. The World of Tomorrow/Is There A Doctor in the House?
Binky, who's repeating the 3rd grade, dreads Mr. Ratburn's annual class sleepover at the science museum because he remembers how boring it was the first time around. But a new exhibit on visions of the future surprises him. When Mom gets a bad cold and then gives it to Dad, Arthur and D.W. fear they'll have to take over Dad's catering business and raise Baby Kate all by themselves. 29 minutes.
709. Prunella Sees the Light/Return of the Snowball
Prunella does her room over in a Henry Skreever theme to get ready for a visit from Marina, then panics when she realizes she doesn't know how Marina, who is blind, will react to decorations she can't see. Six months, two weeks, and four days after it disappeared, D.W.'s snowball reappears in the Read family freezer. But how can she stop it from being stolen again? 29 minutes.
710. April 9th
The kids find support from parents and teachers when a fire forces the elementary school to close. 29 minutes.
1001. Happy Anniversary
While they're on their way to celebrate Arthur's parents' 10th wedding anniversary, the Reads' van breaks down, stranding the whole family. Arthur and D.W. end up locked in a diner storeroom, where they hear the inspiring radio tale of Crooning Cowboy Kid Carter and his little-sister sidekick. 29 minutes.
1002. The Squirrels/Fern and Persimmony Glitchet
After watching the classic horror movie The Squirrels, Arthur and his friends are scared to step out onto the playground—or just about anywhere else. Fern seeks advice from Persimmony Glitchet, the mysterious and elusive author of the Horrendously Horrible Happenings book series. 29 minutes.
1003. Desert Island Dish/The Secret About Secrets
After trying to survive for a while on junk food alone, Arthur and the gang learn about the importance of a balanced diet. D.W. discovers that getting a secret is a lot easier than keeping one. 29 minutes.
1004. Feeling Flush/Family Fortune
Francine bets Arthur that her family can use less water than his. But despite her conservation efforts, her water meter levels are twice as high. The Treasure Caravan is coming to Elwood City, and Arthur and D.W. search Grandma Thora's attic for treasures that will make them rich and famous. 29 minutes.
1005. D.W. Aims High/Flaw and Order
D.W. decides to become the first person to set foot on Mars and starts looking into space exploration. When he is accused of cracking Dad's cake platter, Arthur sets out to clear his name—and to figure out what keeps making that mysterious yet familiar "dun-dun!" sound. 29 minutes.
1006. The Curse of the Grebes/Arthur Changes Gears
Can the addition of three new players—voiced by real-life Red Sox players Johnny Damon, Mike Timlin, and Edgar Renteria—help the Elwood City Grebes win their first baseball championship since 1918? Arthur finally saves enough money to buy the bike of his dreams, then discovers that the new bike is much too nice to actually ride. 29 minutes.
1007. Unfinished/D.W., Bossy Boots
Arthur is completely riveted by a book and can't wait to see how it ends—but the last few pages are missing. How will he ever find out what happens? For D.W., there's nothing better than getting her own way—until all her friends start refusing to play with her. 29 minutes.
1008. Binky vs. Binky/Operation: D.W.!
With some inspiration from champion bike rider Vance Legstrong, Binky discovers that the only competitor he really needs to beat is himself. D.W. checks into the hospital for an ear operation. 29 minutes.
1009. Do You Speak George?/World Girls
Everyone at school is suddenly speaking their own made-up languages, and George can't make sense of what anyone is saying. The girls anticipate the grand opening of World Girl World, which sells dolls from every country. 29 minutes.
1010. What's Cooking?/Buster's Special Delivery
Celebrity chef Ming Tsai is coming to judge Lakewood Elementary's cooking contest, and Arthur thinks he has a shot at winning—if he can just get his dad to stop giving him advice. Buster volunteers to deliver the school mail and finds the job harder than he expected. When misplaced letters lead to canceled field trips and lunches of stewed prunes, Buster is left holding the bag. 29 minutes.
1106. The Making of Arthur/Dancing Fools
The superstar host of a new series called Postcards from You (Matt Damon) puts out a call for homemade videos for his TV show, setting off a frantic rush among Arthur and his friends to film their lives. Mrs. Molina teaches a dance class for kids. 29 minutes.
1107. Hic or Treat/Mr. Alwaysright
D.W. gets a case of the hiccups that just won't go away. Annoyed that Brain always seems to be right about everything, Buster becomes determined to catch him in a mistake. 29 minutes.
1108. Francine's Pilfered Paper/Buster Gets Real
Francine copies and pastes information from a web site for her entire five-page report. Buster watches the new reality show Top Supermarket—a show Arthur doesn't like. 29 minutes.
1109. D.W. on Ice/Spoiled Rotten!
D.W. tells her friends that she's a fantastic skater—even though she can barely stand on ice. Accused of being spoiled by her friends, Muffy sets out to prove them wrong by being the most charitable person around. 29 minutes.
1110. Big Brother Binky
Binky's family adopts a baby girl from China. 29 minutes.

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