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Practical Living/Career Studies

Street Skills

Driver safety education
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30 minutes
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Street Skills is a driver’s education series designed to help teenagers become safer, more responsible drivers. Interviews with experts and computer animation get beyond the basics to explore the mechanics, physics, psychology, and biology of driving. Interviews with police officers, accident victims, and other authorities show how careless driving can lead to serious trouble. A new Street Skills “extra” will be added to the series in March 2010 to help teens understand why texting, Twittering and talking on the cell phone can be dangerous distractions.

Program of Studies:
All Practical Living disciplines: Personal Wellness, Safety, Lifetime Physical Wellness

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2012/13 KETKY Program Schedule

101. The Art of Driving
Breaks down the act of driving into its component parts, covering basic driving skills and the rules of the road.
102. Nature's Laws
Focuses on the physical and biological forces that affect driving ability, including speed, gravity, traction, fatigue, alcohol, and drugs.
103. The Car
Surveys different kinds of mechanical problems that can develop and gives advice on maintenance and repair.
104. The Road
Examines the special challenges offered by different kinds of roads and driving problems related to weather conditions.
201. Trailer
202. Survivor Story: Wil Craig
203. Passing
204. Weather
205. Following Distance
206. A View from the Driver's Seat: The Making of Street Skills
207. Mind Over Machine: Staying Focused Behind The Wheel
Learn about the dangers of texting and other distractions that can cause accidents while driving in this special extended segment of Street Skills.

The schedule listed here includes only airings on the KETKY channel. See the complete Street Skills broadcast schedule for airings on all KET channels.

Kentucky Academic Expectations

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Kentucky schools may tape and retain programs according to the rights listed above. For further information, contact the KET Education Division.

Social Sensibilities
Understanding Sexual and General Harassment in the Workplace

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