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Professional Development

Childhood Obesity Prevention

How adults can help kids stay fit
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Why has excessive weight gain reached epidemic status among Kentucky children? And what can each of us do to help in our families, our communities, and our schools? This one-hour KET panel discussion on childhood obesity prevention shows how parents and children can adopt healthier eating and exercise habits and describes how schools can make school lunches more nutritious and attractive.

Dr. Wayne Tuckson, a practicing physician in Louisville and host of the Kentucky Health series, moderates the discussion. The panel members are Janet Tietyen, Ph.D., R.D., an associate professor in the University of Kentucky Department of Nutrition and Food Science; Janey Thornton, director of child nutrition for the Hardin County Schools; Anita Courtney, a registered dietitian with the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department and coordinator of the VERB program; and Dr. Joan Griffith, a pediatrician and director of TEAMS (Teens Enjoying Active Management Systems) at the Kentucky Clinic in Lexington. Also featured are Megan Pollack, a 5th grader at Central Elementary School in Wingo; her mother, Tracy Pollack; and members of the Graves Elementary cross-country team and their coach, Noel Coplen. Noel is also the director of the Graves County Health Department.

Topics covered in the discussion include

  • the scope and impact of the problem of childhood obesity in Kentucky
  • the effects of obesity on children’s overall health and academic performance
  • changes in our culture that have affected how children play and eat meals
  • the role of the media in the problem and in potential solutions
  • the role of physical education in schools
  • school lunches
  • how parents, communities, and schools can address the problem

In addition, the compelling, personal stories shared by Kasey Roberts and Megan Pollack show how each child’s decision to change her lifestyle has affected her family’s choices on meals and physical activities—and how those choices have led to success.

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2011/12 Program Schedule

Kentucky experts discuss the causes of childhood obesity as well as ways to prevent it. A 2005 KET production.

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