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Professional Development

Primary Writing

Helping young students develop as writers
Grade Levels:
90 minutes
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Teaching Materials:
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A KET professional development series offering strategies that early elementary teachers can use to help their students develop as writers. The programs model how to use the writing workshop in the classroom and offer specific techniques for teaching personal and informative writing. Extensive classroom footage taped over the course of a school year follows a group of young writers as they develop over time.

Length: 3 programs; 90 minutes each
Audience: primary teachers


  1. Visits to an upper primary and a lower primary classroom introduce the topics of reading samples, idea development and support, leads and transitions, pre-writing activities, drafting, and revision, with a focus on personal writing pieces.

  2. Using abundant examples from Kentucky classrooms, presenters Starr Lewis and Donna Vincent demonstrate and discuss strategies and approaches for teaching the memoir form of writing to both beginning and more advanced primary students.

  3. Strategies and approaches for teaching feature article writing to the youngest students.

Teaching Materials

http://www.ket.org/education/guides/pd/primarywriting_program1. pdf
For Program 1; PDF format.
KET Online
http://www.ket.org/education/guides/pd/primarywriting_program2. pdf
For Program 2; PDF format.
KET Online
http://www.ket.org/education/guides/pd/primarywriting_program3. pdf
For Program 3; PDF format.
KET Online
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Kentucky schools may tape and retain programs according to the rights listed above. For further information, contact the KET Education Division.

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