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Professional Development

Achieving a Balanced Reading and Writing Program

Teaching strategies and classroom ideas
Grade Levels:
90 minutes
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Donna Vincent, writing consultant for the Muhlenberg County schools, hosts three programs for teachers on how to develop a balanced reading/writing program in primary through 8th grades. The series presents strategies such as literature circles and writing in response to reading as well as mini-lessons for teaching skills such as phonics and grammar. Classroom visits show the ideas at work in elementary and middle schools.

Length: 3 programs; 90 minutes each
Audience: P-8 classroom and language arts teachers


  1. Studying setting through reading and writing; studying characterization through writing fiction collaboratively; studying plot through an excitement graph; writing to learn via open-response questions in reading logs; discussion groups; role-playing to learn about characterization; setting up literary circles; author studies; writing memoirs.

  2. 6th-grade classroom visit: writing a book review; a rubric for reviews; oral book reviews modeled on Reading Rainbow; 5th-grade classroom visit: “I Am” poems; focused purpose, organization, elaboration (5 W’s and H); 4th-grade classroom visit: revising and editing “I Am” poems; 6th-grade classroom visit: word sorts; primary classroom visit: whole-to-part activity.

  3. Teaching writing in reading and teaching reading in writing; how-to pieces; collaboration; memoirs; vocabulary sheets; supporting details in memoirs and personal narratives; highlighting; separating details; “goggle guy” pages for back mapping; thundercake piece; feature articles.

Teaching Materials

http://www.ket.org/education/guides/pd/balancedreadwrite_ program1.pdf
For Program 1; PDF format.
KET Online
http://www.ket.org/education/guides/pd/balancedreadwrite_ program2.pdf
For Program 2; PDF format.
KET Online
http://www.ket.org/education/guides/pd/balancedreadwrite_ program3.pdf
For Program 3; PDF format.
KET Online
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Kentucky schools may tape and retain programs according to the rights listed above. For further information, contact the KET Education Division.

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