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Professional Development

Fostering Early Literacy

Helping the youngest students develop literacy skills
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30 minutes
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This four-part KET professional development series explores the environment and instruction that support the literacy development of preschool children and how they differ from those used in the primary classroom. Successful strategies are modeled by outstanding preschool teachers at the University of Kentucky Early Childhood Lab and at a combined preschool/Head Start program at Mercer County Elementary School.

Length: 4 programs; 30 minutes each
Audience: preschool teachers

  1. Planning for Literacy Instruction—introduces the kinds of things children should be doing to support their literacy development, addresses early literacy outcomes and standards and how to create a plan to help children meet those outcomes, and discusses and illustrates developmentally appropriate and creative assessments.

  2. Designing a Literacy-Rich Classroom—elements of the physical environment of the classroom and a typical schedule that foster literacy.

  3. Strategies in Action (Part 1)—focuses on activities related to the literacy outcomes discussed in the first two programs, including the “circle time” activity already used in many classrooms, and illustrates how multiple literacy outcomes can be addressed in a single activity.

  4. Strategies in Action (Part 2)

Teaching Materials

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Kentucky schools may tape and retain programs according to the rights listed above. For further information, contact the KET Education Division.

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