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Language Arts

Write Ideas

Creative ideas for writing poetry
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3 minutes
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Write Ideas is a series of 10 short video exercises designed to spark children’s imagination and help them find clever, enticing ideas to write about. Poet and host Aleda Shirley spent a career teaching creative writing to young people in the south, including the Jefferson County Public School System. This KET-produced series is a compact, video version of the successful techniques she used.

KY Program of Studies:
Writing: Writing Content, Writing Process, Writing Structure, Writing Conventions

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2012/13 Program Schedule

101. Colors
Aleda asks students to think of the most vibrant colors they have seen.
102. The Third Eye
Aleda tells students that the third eye is simply an eye that can see things their regular eyes can't.
103. Wishes
Aleda asks students to write several long, detailed sentences about their wishes—their unusual, crazy, even weird wishes.
104. Animals
Aleda lets students choose any animal they want and imagine what it's like being that animal—and then write lots of long, detailed sentences about their ideas.
105. Letter to the Moon
Aleda tells students they suddenly have the power to talk to the moon and suggests some things they might tell it about.
106. Seeing Music
A musician joins Aleda to play some instrumental music. She asks students to write down what they see when they listen to music or imagine what the music would be if it were not music.
107. Simultaneous Events
Aleda asks students to imagine things that might be going on in other places at the very minute they are watching the show and writing their sentences.
108. Quiet Times
Aleda tells students to think about the times in their lives or the times they can imagine that seem most quiet to them and asks that they explain why these times seemed so quiet.
109. Being Things
Aleda asks students to choose an object they would like to be and then to write about what it is like to be that object.
110. Negative Imagery
Aleda asks students to select any object and describe what it isn't, rather than what it is;to tell what it can't do, rather than what it can do.
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