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Curious George

Encouraging children’s explorations
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This animated series captures the charm and mischievous spirit of one of the most beloved characters in children’s literature. Based on the books by Margret and H.A. Ray, the programs follow the adventures of George, the ever-inquisitive monkey; the Man with the Yellow Hat; and a cast of animal friends. The stories encourage young viewers to ask questions and to use their senses to explore the world around them, introducing basic concepts in science, mathematics, and engineering along the way.

Broadcast Schedules

Individual episodes of this series also air as part of KET’s regular weekly children’s schedule. See the complete Curious George broadcast schedule for details.

Episodes in this Series

101. Curious George Flies A Kite/From Scratch
George finds the wonders and perils of kite flying and uses his inquiry skills to help an accused cat. 29 minutes.
102. Curious George's Home for Pigeons/Out of Order
George creates a tree on the balcony and gathers packages for a lady who turns out to be a mail carrier. 29 minutes.
103. Zeros to Donuts/Curious George, Stain Remover
A trip to the donut shop provides a perfect opportunity to explore the meaning and power of zero. Later, George spills grape juice on the new rug and needs to figure out a way to clean it up before the Man with the Yellow Hat returns. 29 minutes.
104. Buoy Wonder/Roller Monkey
The boat Bill is entering in the Model Boat Show sinks, and George decides to build a new one. Then Mr. and Mrs. Dulson ask George to roller-skate in front of their toy store to attract customers, and things get a little out of control. 29 minutes.
105. Curious George On Time/Curious George's Bunny Hunt
After accidentally breaking Professor Wiseman's cuckoo clock, George explores the inside of the big library clock to see how it works. In the country, George falls in love with neighbor Bill's new pet bunnies and just has to pet one. But as soon as he opens the bunny hutch, they all escape. 29 minutes.
106. Curious George Takes A Job/Curious George Takes Another Job - (Part 1 & 2)
George follows his nose to Chef Pisghetti's Ristorante, and he and Gnocchi the cat end up experimenting with some kitchen magic. After his creation helps Pisghetti impress the restaurant critic, the chef suggests that George help his friend Mr. Glass wash the windows of his skyscraper—the Glass Palace. 29 minutes.
107. Curious George, Door Monkey/Curious George Goes Up the River
George opens packages filled with different balls and roams far away while feeding some ducks. The Man with the Yellow Hat tells George to feed Mrs. Renkin's ducks while he's gone. 29 minutes.
108. Curious George and the Invisible Sound/Curious George, A Peeling Monkey
While trying to record different animal noises in the country, George discovers some amazing things about the dynamics of sound. To distract himself so that he won't be tempted to open Professor Wiseman's birthday present, George "unwraps" everything else around him. 29 minutes.
109. Curious George, Dog Counter/Squirrel for a Day
George brings dogs from a Dog Show to the apartment. George decides to try to store food in the ground like Jumpy Squirrel. 29 minutes.
110. Curious George Discovers The Poles/Curious George Finds His Way
While looking after Bill's tadpoles, George decides to give them a little vacation in the lagoon—and they promptly disappear. Hundley and George are locked out of the building and get hopelessly lost while trying to find their way back in. 29 minutes.
111. Water to Ducks/Animal Magnetism
After a heavy rain, George finds ducks swimming in a big puddle next to the country house. But as the puddle starts to shrink, the ducks fly away. A mission to hang his newest masterpiece on the refrigerator and an encounter with a giant junkyard crane teach George a lot about magnets. 29 minutes.
112. Doctor Monkey/Curious George the Architect
While the Man with the Yellow Hat gets his annual check-up, George discovers how handy a stethoscope can be for identifying a mysterious sound. At a construction site, George learns how bulldozers, cement mixers, and jackhammers work—and why it's not a good idea to let a monkey operate them. 29 minutes.
113. Zoo Night/Charkie Escapes
George is so entranced by the baby panda at the zoo that he stays through closing time and is accidentally locked inside. Later, he dog-sits Charkie and finds it quite a challenge to keep her from slipping out of her leash. 29 minutes.
114. Curious George's Rocket Ride/Curious George, Station Master
The International Space Station's food supply has run out, and George is the only one who can fly the rocket and deliver the supplies. At the train station, stationmaster Flint Quint shows George how he keeps the trains running smoothly and arriving on time. 29 minutes.
115. Curious George and the Dam Builders/Curious George's Low High Score
A dam built by a family of beavers has quite an impact on George's favorite pond, and he decides to try building his own. George, Steve, and Betsy play mini-golf, and George gets the high score of 257. So why isn't he the winner? 29 minutes.
116. Curious George Sees Stars/Curious George Gets A Trophy
George is determined to count all the stars in the sky, but he just can't stay awake long enough to finish. As a reward for helping him wash dishes at the restaurant, Chef Pisghetti gives George an ice cream sculpture in the shape of Gnocchi the cat. 29 minutes.
117. George Makes a Stand/Curious George Sees the Light
George sells lemonade to earn money for a new soccer ball and ends up with too many customers and not enough product. A new traffic light is installed on the country road, and George decides that it would work a lot better with a few adjustments. 29 minutes.
118. Candy Counter/Curious George, Rescue Monkey
George agrees to watch Cayley's candy counter for an afternoon. But when he tries to stack the chocolates into different shapes, they all fall over, and he can't remember which candy is which. After some volunteer firefighters help him get his foot unstuck from a chair, George decides to join the fire department. 29 minutes.
119. The Truth About George Burgers/Curious George in the Dark
George accidentally loses a batch of Giardino burgers that Chef Pisghetti made for the firemen's picnic. Though he's not usually afraid of the dark, George discovers that it can be a little scary when you're deep inside a mysterious cave. 29 minutes.
120. The Clean, Perfect Yellow Hat/Bee Is for Bear
The yellow hat comes back from the dry cleaners so beautiful and clean that George can't help wanting to show it off to Compass the pigeon. While exploring the country, George meets up with a baby bear and a stinging bee. 29 minutes.
121. Surprise Quints/Muddy Monkey
Mr. Quint returns from his fishing trip before his surprise birthday party is ready, so George is assigned the job of keeping him busy until the appointed time. George loses his favorite bath toy, Sproingy the Frog, and refuses to take a bath. 29 minutes.
122. Curious George Takes A Vacation/Curious George and the One That Got Away
George and the Man with the Yellow Hat endure a long delay at the airport before they can start their vacation. Mr. Quint discovers a freshwater eel in the waters of Lake Wanasink, and Bill suggests a contest to see who can catch it. 29 minutes.
123. Ski Monkey/George the Grocer
When a blizzard covers the country house with a foot of snow, George can't wait to get outside to play. But he soon learns that such deep snow isn't easy for a monkey to play in. George really wants the toy oven he sees in the window at the toy store, but first he has to earn the money to buy it. 29 minutes.
124. Keep Out Cows/Curious George and the Missing Piece
George loves Leslie the cow, but do she and her friends have to keep eating all those beautiful wildflowers? George discovers a bone buried in the ground and is convinced that it's part of a dinosaur. 29 minutes.
125. Camping with Hundley/Curious George vs. The Turbo Python 3000
The Man with the Yellow Hat is too busy to go camping, so the Doorman volunteers to take George and Hundley. George uses licorice whips to determine whether he's tall enough to ride the Turbo Python 3000 roller coaster. 29 minutes.
126. Housebound!/Curious George Rides a Bike
George learns about bones the hard way when he falls and breaks one of his own while climbing on a dinosaur skeleton at the museum. A new bike gives George the chance to help Bill with his paper route. 29 minutes.
127. The All-Animal Recycled Band/The Times of Sand
George recruits Charkie, Gnocchi, Hundley, and Compass to play in a band inspired by the firefighters at Rescue Squad 86. George and the Man with the Yellow Hat have a sand castle-building contest at the beach. 29 minutes.
128. The Elephant Upstairs/Being Hundley
When he hears loud thumping coming from the ceiling of the apartment, George becomes convinced that the new upstairs neighbor has an elephant for a pet. Tired of being a monkey, George experiments with being a cat and a pigeon, but decides that the best life of all would be to be a dog like Hundley. 29 minutes.
129. George Fixes Betsy's Wagon/Curious George Takes A Drive
George and Steve borrow Betsy's wagon and lose a wheel. Worried about a turtle he has befriended, George decides to take it home and keep it in the bathtub. 29 minutes.
130. Unbalanced/Curious George vs. Winter
A performance by the Amazing Balancing Zucchinis convinces George that there's nothing he wants more in life than to be an acrobat. Later, with winter closing in, he wonders how he'll survive without all the fun summertime activities he loves. 29 minutes.
201. Up, Up, and Away/Skunked
As Mrs. Renkins demonstrates how a hot-air balloon works, George and Bill bound into the basket and find themselves accidentally airborne. George thinks that a strange-looking cat is eating his peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but it turns out to be a skunk. 29 minutes.
202. Monkey Underground/Cat Mother
Professor Wiseman entrusts George with Lucky, a tiny kitten too young to take care of herself. When George stumbles across a gopher hole in the field near the country house, he suddenly finds himself inside a secret world of underground tunnels. 29 minutes.
203. Up a Tree/Curious George and the Trash
When George tires of table manners and house rules, he decides to build a treehouse in the country yard—a nest of his own where he can make his own rules. The yellow hat is delivered from the dry cleaners, but George mistakes it for a lookalike garbage box and tosses it down the trash chute. 29 minutes.
204. Curious George Gets All Keyed Up/Gutter Monkey
George volunteers to deliver Betsy's xylophone to her school for a recital. On bowling night, George cheers on the Man with the Yellow Hat and then tries to get the ball rolling himself. 29 minutes.
205. Grease Monkeys in Space/Piñata Vision
The Man with the Yellow Hat has been assigned to repair a large telescope. On the day of the big launch, George somehow ends up going on the mission. Steve and Betsy blindfold George and give him the first shot at breaking open a birthday piñata, but he makes a big mess instead. 29 minutes.
206. All-New Hundley/Signs Up
Deciding that a collection of signs would make a cool display for his room, George sets out to gather them from all around town. Hundley surprises George one morning by bouncing, running, and playing all around the apartment building. But when he then makes a total mess of his beloved lobby, George knows that all is not what it seems. 29 minutes.
207. Color Me Monkey/Special Delivery Monkey
George is asked to help Chef Pisghetti by delivering a very special pie to a very special meeting. Along the way, he counts bus stops and buildings. George and Charkie go to the zoo to meet SooBerm, an elephant who paints. 29 minutes.
214. Curious George, Spy Monkey/Castle Keep
The spy book Double-Oh Doggy inspires George to become a double-oh monkey. George's golf lessons are an annoyance for Jumpy Squirrel, but they pay off on a trip to Scotland as George is trying to help a friend save his castle. 29 minutes.
215. Robot Monkey Hullabalo/Curious George and the Slithery Day
George, Professor Wiseman, and the Man with the Yellow Hat tour an amazing new robot exhibit at the museum. While George is watching Mr. Zoobel's gopher snake and pet mice, the snake sheds its skin. Alarmed, George takes the skin to the pet store for an explanation—leaving the snake behind, with its cage open. 29 minutes.
216. Curious George, Web Master/The Big Sleepy
The yellow hat blows away, and George stumbles on a treasure while racing to retrieve it—an elaborately spun spiderweb. On a brisk fall day, Bill tells George that if he were a bear, he'd be able to sleep through the winter, and George thinks that sounds like a great idea. 29 minutes.
217. Curious George Sinks the Pirates/This Little Pig
Hundley, the lobby dachshund, longs to set sail on the ocean blue. Meanwhile, George has found exactly the toy sailboat he wants at Dulson's Toy Store—but how will he get the 500 pennies he needs to buy it? 29 minutes.
218. King Doggie/The Lucky Cap
The Princess of Bratvia scoops up Hundley, claiming that he is in fact a royal dog. The Man with the Yellow Hat gives George a new cap, and suddenly all of his misfortunes turn into windfalls. 29 minutes.
219. Curious George, Sea Monkey/Old McGeorgie Had a Farm
George and the Man with the Yellow Hat are overjoyed when professors Wiseman, Einstein, and Pizza invite them on a submarine trip to retrieve a small weather satellite that crashed from space. Oscar, the Renkins' prize pig, is in the state finals, but Mr. Renkins is too busy with the farm to attend the big event. So George and the Man with the Yellow Hat volunteer to take over his work for a day. 29 minutes.

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